AZ Bridals with Josh & Amy

This was seriously a weekend with lots of adventure!!    This amazing couple flew out to Utah so I could take their engagement pictures and then flew me out to AZ to take their bridals.  It was seriously a blast being there with them!  I have to tell you what a good sport Amy is….when they booked me they said they wanted to take their bridals at the Mesa AZ Temple.  Well Friday I was doing a couple of other sessions while I was there and called her up and told her I wanted to take some pictures of her in the desert.  I was just on my way to do another session but figured we would have a small window to get some different shots.  She of course told me she would love to but didn’t have anyone to do her hair.  Good thing for her, I am a girl with hidden talents.  I told her I would swing by, do her hair, run to my other session and then call her when I was finished and she would have to run out to the street and hop in my car so we could make it in time….and we did just that!

Our time was REALLY short but we had so much fun when we got there.

 Saturday she had a bridal shower in Mesa, which is 45 minutes from where she lives.  So we all rode into town together, went to the shower and then we were going to meet up at the Temple with the videographer and Josh, the groom.  When the shower was over, a few of her relatives were asking me about cameras and I pulled out my camera to walk them through some things when low and behold I realized that I forgot something VERY important…..MY BATTERY!!!  Yes, it was sitting in the charger back at their house.  Toni let me take her car so I could drive back to Maricopa, grab my charger and then pick them up in time for bridals.  I really wasn’t stressing at that time since I had 2 hours until we were meeting up, but obviously it was just an inconvenience.

Her mom handed me her car keys and I took off on my 45 minute trek.  I looked down at the gas tank to realize that it was pretty empty…Well I kept trying to find a gas station and NOTHING.  NOTHING!!  The free ways were down, and side roads were closed, it was so completely crazy.  Well after driving for about 15 minutes I started to get REALLY nervous.  I called Amy and asked if the ‘idiot’ light came on to tell me it was on fumes.  Both Amy and Toni (her mom) informed me that it did. (Which it doesn’t…) Well about 60 seconds after I hung up the phone with them, the car started to sputter…as in done.  OUT. OF. GAS!!  So I was able to get it off the street, got out and looked around, but no gas station in sight.  I remember one (or I thought I did) being about a mile west of where I was at. So I started walking, in high heels,  and 103 degree weather.  Of course I was laughing to myself the entire time… About 1 mile later (I walk a slow 15 minute mile) I arrived at Chevron.  I got my gas can, filled it up, and you better believe it….the ole’ thumb came out.  I hitch hiked back to my car.  Thankfully  this sweet little 9 month pregnant lady pulled over and gave me a ride.  I think we both got high on the gas, but that is a whole other story (wink).  Needless to say I made it to and from Maricopa with 10 minutes to spare.  We had an awesome time and lots of laughs the rest of the night!!   Thanks for a great time Josh & Amy.  You guys are such an awesome couple!!!

‎”Love is like the wind. You can’t see it, but you can feel it.” Nicholas Sparks



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